Seniors And Injury: National Injury Prevention Day

Seniors And Injury: National Injury Prevention Day

National Injury Prevention Day, recognized this year on July 5, was created with the hope of drawing more attention on how to predict and prevent common injuries. Did you know that 85% of hospitalizations of Canadian seniors are due to falls? As the number of older adults continues to rise in Canada, it is critical to share resources and information on preventing injuries in seniors.

With increasing demand for seniors to stay safely at home without losing personal independence, home care assistance and homecare agencies can play a big role in helping seniors reduce their likelihood of injury. ICare Home Health Services in Mississauga was created with a fresh approach to offer homecare services and caregiver programs to help support the desire to stay at home as you age.

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Risk Factors For Injuries Among Seniors

Senior safety is one of our top concerns, so iCare Home Health has put together a list of the most common risk factors that cause falls.

Decreased Activity and Strength

Regular exercise improves balance and builds strength and coordination. No matter what your age or ability, there are exercises you can do to improve your overall health. Ask your doctor about the best exercise for you – they will be familiar with any prescriptions you are taking that may cause dizziness, a factor that needs to be considered in determining the most appropriate type of exercise.

A home care assistance program can support seniors in getting daily physical activity, as determined by their doctor.

Impaired Vision

Eyesight can change quite quickly. It is recommended that people over the age of 60 see an eye doctor once a year. As we age, the lenses in the eye lose their elasticity and ability to focus on near or distant objects. There are also a number of conditions that can cause vision deterioration as we age such as cataracts, glaucoma, migraines, central blurred vision, retinal detachment, and diabetes.

Poor vision in seniors is a common cause of both falls and motor vehicle accidents causing serious injury.


Individuals with fragile bones are much more likely to break a bone if they fall. In order to support strong and healthy bones, keep regular weight bearing exercise as part of your routine and eat a diet rich in calcium. You can also talk to your doctor about supplements that can help build bone strength.

A bone scan can tell you how your bones are aging and how much intervention may be needed in order to limit your bone density loss.


Managing medications can be a taxing task. Home care assistance can help seniors properly administer and understand the medications they are taking, which will avoid errors that can cause falls leading to injuries.

Not following directions for dosage, not reporting side effects or stopping medication without talking to a doctor can lead to falls and injuries. It is also recommended to not take medicine in the dark and be sure to check expiration dates on medicine bottles and throw away outdated medicines.

iCare Home Health Services Supports Seniors

Offering home care assistance in Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas, iCare Home Health knows that the needs of each individual vary. Our wide range of supportive and caring services for seniors can be the missing piece of the puzzle that allows continued independent and safe living at home. Contact us for a complimentary assessment. Together we will find the right support that can limit risk factors when it comes to injuries and accidents.


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