Taking Care of Yourself – It’s Just Good Mental Health

Taking Care of Yourself – It’s Just Good Mental Health

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes. That’s all you need every day. Just a few minutes to help improve your mental health. It’s amazing how little time we need for self-care but how so few of us actually do it. Some people don’t bother with self-care because they feel that they do not need it; in their minds, they are completely healthy and self-care would be an indulgent waste of time. Others would love to give themselves some self-care, but they are so busy that they just don’t have the time and feel guilty spending that precious time on their own needs. Finally, some people haven’t come across the concept of self-care. Whatever your reason is for not practicing self-care, it is time to re-evaluate and find a space for it in your life. You will be happy you did.

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There is a lot of confusion about what defines self-care and this may be preventing people from trying it. Self-care is not spending a weekend at a health spa undergoing massages, mud bath treatments, and cucumber facials (although it could be). Self-care is not meditating on a mountainside at sunrise (although it could be). Self-care is not using crystals to calm your chakra (although it could….you get the point). Honestly, self-care is whatever you need it to be. It is about listening to your body and mind and giving yourself what you need to calm your mind and bring it to a healthy and happy place. Self-care could be sitting in your favourite coffee shop with a book or your tablet. It could be blasting your favourite grind core band on top volume. It can even be sitting at your desk at work for 3 minutes with your eyes closed. You don’t change to meet the needs of self-care; it morphs to meet your needs.

How can self-care help your loved ones? Take a look:

Managing Stress– Stress is a killer. Literally. It does all kinds of terrible things to the body from constricting blood vessels to wreaking havoc on your digestive system.[1] It is even worse for seniors. Stress doesn’t just come from work. Family, home life, financial concerns, health worries can all alleviate our stress levels. Taking some self-care time can calm us down and bring our stress levels down which is a benefit for the entire body.

Burn-Out– When we become overwhelmed with worries in our lives, burn-out can happen. It looks different for each person, but generally, burn-out is associated with lethargy, depression, cynicism, and a complete unwillingness or inability to perform functions. Self-care can manage our mental health so we don’t reach a point of burn-out.

Re-Focus– Some people just need a few minutes a day for self-care that helps to rejuvenate them during the day and re-focus their heads. A quiet moment for a few minutes or a short walk can help relax your mind and get yourself where you need to be.

Happiness– Most importantly, taking care of yourself can improve your overall happiness and outlook on life. If you are not happy, you won’t be as effective in the areas where you need to be.

What should you or your loved one do for self-care? Well, that’s the best part about it. Whatever you want. Whatever activity that makes you feel peaceful, happy, and centered is self-care. You just have to make the time.

Self-care isn’t just for those who are working; seniors can reap the benefits from good self-care. After all, good mental health and happiness know no age limit. Besides self-care, this can also be provided by good home health care. At iCare Home Health, we provide premier home care in Toronto, Mississauga, and the entire Greater Toronto Area. iCare Home Health will send a professional and compassionate health worker directly to the home of your loved one to tend to their needs. Whether your loved one needs an occasional visit or live-in care, we will fill their needs. We have a variety of services. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


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