Top 5 Tips on Choosing Senior Home Care Services

Top 5 Tips on Choosing Senior Home Care Services

With the aging population comes a growing number of people in need of home health care services in the communities we live in. There is a growing need for elderly care in Milton. Whilst remaining at home isn’t always possible, such as when intensive medical intervention is necessary or the home is unsafe, given the choice, most people would prefer to stay in their own homes where they feel safe and surrounded by familiarity, a place where they can maintain their dignity and privacy. Here we outline our top five tips on choosing senior home care.

1) First of all, consider the level of care that you need to support your loved-one. Do you need specialist support, for example in the case of someone with dementia or Parkinson’s disease?Do you want help with every day activities such as getting dressed, bathing and cooking or would a companion for only a few hours each day be more suitable? A premier home care plan can provide services on an as-needed basis, be it hourly or live-in care on a 7 x 24 basis.Our caregivers receive training in Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care (GPA), and Sensitivity Training: for dementia care and age related conditions. You can be assured your loved one is with a trusted, well-qualified care giver.

2) Use an agency. Whilst hiring carers through adverts in local papers may be cheaper, looking for elderly care in Milton this way can be a gamble. A licensed agency, such as iCare Home Health, offers several layers of protection for the consumer including background checks of every worker. The agency itself should also be insured for General Liability and WSIB, so that if there is an incident, it can be resolved without cost to the individual.Also make sure that the agency trains and supervises its caregivers, not all do. Familiarize yourself with the agency’s sick and emergency policies and know what the protocol is if a caregiver is not able to make a scheduled visit.

3) Make sure the carer you hire is a good match. Premier home care agencies allow you to interview potential caregivers before committing to one. This provides the opportunity to make sure personalities do not conflict and can also be a great time to inquire about previous experience and background.

4) Consider the costs. Funding premier home care can be more economical that a nursing home with the added advantage that you get to stay in your own home. Ask about what services are included in the costs.

5) Understand services for elderly care in Milton. When choosing home help it’s important to clarify what is being provided. Is there a list of rights and responsibilities of all parties involved and are there any limits on the types of tasks performed? Is care available round-the-clock, if necessary? What procedures are in place for emergencies? How are problems addressed and resolved? Who can you or another designated person contact with requests, questions or complaints? How quickly can services begin?