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Top Healthcare Technology Trends to Look for in 2021

Technology is all around us. From arts and entertainment to business, socialization, and more sectors, advancements are taking place at a rapid rate.

The healthcare industry is not immune to this growth. Some examples include the rise of technologies such as wearable devices, virtual care, and artificial intelligence.

Below is an overview of these items, which are just a few healthcare technologies that are impacting the industry and the well-being of seniors.

Wearable Technology Devices

Wearable technology spans many industries including fitness, entertainment, and health care — just to name a few. When it comes to health, wearable technology offers a means for users to track their steps, heart rate, fitness activity, sleep, and many more metrics related to healthy choices and well-being.

What’s next for this industry? Wearable technology continues to evolve to include more functions and ease of use. This will enable even more users, including seniors, to learn how to take advantage of this technology in support of a healthy lifestyle.

Virtual Care from the Comfort of Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many aspects of our lives from business to social activities, and health care as well. More time spent at home has meant limiting trips to medical clinics for some people. However, online doctors have made it possible to receive healthcare advice from the comfort of home. Virtual visits can be facilitated through video chat using a computer or phone.

Online doctors have also made it feasible for people, including seniors, to access health care from a distance. For those who live in a remote area or far away from their healthcare provider, virtual visits enable access to health care from any location without leaving home.

What’s next for this type of care? According to experts, Canada is still in the early days of telehealth services, however, it’s a growing industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Also known as AI, artificial intelligence in health care carries huge potential, according to experts. Powered by data, computers are able to make decisions similar to the way a brain would. AI is already being used in some areas of health care, such as in developing medical devices, detecting signs of certain ailments, and providing faster service in emergency rooms.

What’s next for AI in health care? Moving forward, AI may have a large impact on medical diagnoses. However, items such as data, bias, and regulation are all topics that continue to be discussed.

Learn More about iCare Home Health

At iCare Home Health in Oakville, ON, we continue to observe how the above technologies and virtual care clinics evolve in the healthcare sector to support the well-being of seniors.

When it comes to receiving quality care from the comfort of home, we recognize that this is a preference among many older adults. That’s why we offer a range of services and programs facilitated by caregivers who visit clients in their homes. Some of these programs include Friend at Home, Personal Support at Home, and Nurse at Home.

If you’re looking for home-care support for yourself or a loved one, reach out to us in Oakville, ON for a free assessment.

iCare Home health is a boutique, visionary home healthcare agency that leverages creative and innovative solutions to empower Canadians, young or old to recover from medical procedure or age with dignity in the comfort of their homes.

Our services include Friend at Home, Personal Support at Home, Nurse at Home and Advanced foot care at home or at one of our growing clinics sites.

Our Care Plans are individualized to client needs and preferences. Our team is passionate about the care they provide and strive to make a difference wherever the opportunity arises.

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