Travelling for Seniors – The Happy & Healthy Way

Travelling for Seniors – The Happy & Healthy Way

Feeling stressed? Need to relax? Would you love some fun in the sun with the entire family? Don’t worry; we are not trying to sell you an all-exclusive resort trip or a time-share condo in Florida; but we are encouraging you to do some travelling with your loved ones. You may want to travel, but are worried about the stress and complications of bringing your elderly family member, especially if they need health services. You may even think that it is not possible. Well, it is time to start reconsidering your options! Not only is travel possible for the elderly, it is encouraged. All that is needed is a little bit of planning ahead.

Travelling for Seniors

Travelling for seniors is not just about fun and relaxation; there are important health benefits to consider such as:

Physical Exercise – A vacation usually includes walking, hiking, or biking riding. Even if you stick to the museums, there is walking involved. Staying on a beach? You can go swimming. Even if you opt to go on a cruise, there will usually be a physical element such as dancing or even limbo. Needless to say, any exercise is good exercise.

Mental Stimulation – Travelling will require a healthy dose of mental exercise. Navigating a new city, figuring out different currency, trying to decide on which activities to partake in, and trying to communicate with the locals require patience, alertness, and fast thinking. The type of mental calisthenics involved in travelling are good for the brain and studies have shown that they can help to offset the onset of dementia.

Happiness Factor – Travelling can be good for the body and soul, but will also make us happier. People come back from vacations more relaxed and content. As well, travelling with family or friends adds an important social element to our loved ones’ lives. As important as it is to keep the body and mind healthy, we want to keep ourselves happy as well.

When travelling with an elderly loved one, you want to keep a few things in mind, especially if they require health care. Consider these tips:

  • Give everyone a voice. Bring in your loved one on the planning process. Let them have a voice in the vacation and let them choose what they would like to do. Everyone has their own idea of fun.
  • Plan the trip around their physical needs and abilities. Don’t forget to schedule in downtime for rest.
  • Consult their doctor about any possible medical concerns and tips; make sure to have all the necessary medication and get any immunization shots (if necessary).
  • Pre-arrange any special services that they may require.
  • If needed, consider having a caregiver accompany the family to provide needed care for the elderly in the family, so that it’s truly a vacation for everyone.

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