‘Twas Christmas Morning, And Yada, Yada…We Now Serve Postal Code H0H 0H0

‘Twas Christmas Morning, And Yada, Yada…We Now Serve Postal Code H0H 0H0

iCare Home Health is the official Santa Claus Home Health Agency.

Oh I remember…frost on the rooftops, the crisp early morning air, but unlike any other morning…that day, the iCare Home Health Assessment Requests phone rang…a Jingle! Yes…a Jingle!! Our nurse, Joy, came running into my office…short and almost out of breath..she screamed…”You won’t believe who’s on the phone!”

Christmas Morning

I’ll spare you the details, but it was Mrs. Claus. Yup..thee One and only! “This year has to be different” she said! “We’re not getting any younger!…My guy spends the night dropping off gifts around the world…You’d think any of these kids would check up on us Christmas Day…or maybe their parents offer to take care of my guy! Nope, not one!…anyway…I’ve researched the home health agencies, and I like you the best! Do you guys serve the North Pole? Do you work Christmas Day? ‘Cause we’re going to need some help over here!

While we already work Christmas Day. It took me and our team members minutes to agree to expand iCare Home Health services coverage area to the North Pole, specifically area code H0H 0H0.

I won’t bore you with my version of events…here’s how nurse Joy tells it…


‘Twas Xmas morning and all is quiet through the North Pole

The elves and the reindeer are spent…Christmas has taken its toll.

Santa delivered his goodies and now back in his chair

Feet and back are tired…they’re calling for some loving Care.


Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen!

They’ve all dashed to rest,

even Donner and Blitzen,

It’s been a long night, they’ve all done their best!


Mrs Claus…tired, herself, but looked at ol’ jolly

What are we to do? We need some help…by golly!


We need someone to do the laundry

And get rid of the soot

Another, to go shopping

And prepare some food.


A Friend at Home to cook the meat

And a Nurse to take care of his feet.

Hardworking like an elf,

But, loving like myself.


For a boutique healthcare agency, she looked

Not a brainer, iCare Home Health she booked.


Personal Support and Nurse at Home,

Bathed Santa and took care of his Medication.

Companion and Home Maker made sure he’s not alone.

They chatted with him, even did some meditation.


Mrs. Claus was so happy, to give her self some Respite,

She said to our team, without you, I’d be so desperate.

So glad you’re here, to bring him some cheer,

I’m going out with the girls, and I’ll have me a beer.


iCare Home Health, I’ll tell my friends,

We’ll all have a Merry Christmas Day, while my Santa mends.


From Our Family to Yours..

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a healthy Holiday Season


Serving Halton, Peel, Toronto

and for a limited time,

The North Pole!


(905) 491-6941


President of iCare Home Health Services, a community based, boutique home health care company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers to maintain their quality of life and dignity while they recover from illness or age at the comfort of their own home.