10 Tips on How To Manage Home Elder Health Care

10 Tips on How To Manage Home Elder Health Care

It can be a challenge to provide senior home care to your family member. They need frequent help and support, sometimes with the basic tasks of daily living. There are ways you can make it work. We provide many services that can make elder care home health easier.

Elder Health Care

  1. Install Safety Locks

You name it, and it can be locked to prevent your elderly parent from accessing it – assuming it’s no longer safe for them to do so.  This even includes appliances such as stoves.

  1. Arrange for Elderly Companions

It can be hard to keep your parent socially active outside the house, so bring their social life to them with an elderly companion.

  1. Use Senior-Specific Ride Services

You can’t be available to drive your senior loved one everywhere, but some ride services are equipped to help seniors get around even if they have dementia.

  1. Try Housekeeping Help

Keeping the floors clean and the home uncluttered helps your senior get around safely.

  1. Arrange For Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy can keep your senior active, which will help them remain physically independent for longer.

  1. Call On Family

Sometimes one family member takes on too much of the burden for senior home care. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

  1. Transition Back Home With a Nurse At Home

After a hospital stay, you may be overwhelmed with the sudden medical needs of your loved one. A nurse at home can handle it for you.

  1. Schedule Time for Yourself

If caregivers don’t make time for themselves, they may not get it. Remember that you can’t help if you’re burnt out.

  1. Program Their Phone

Seniors may have trouble working their cell phone in moments of crisis. Add your number and the contact information for their other caregivers in their phone.

  1. Spend Quality Time With Them

We sometimes get overwhelmed with the tasks of care giving and forget to enjoy the little moments we’re given together. When you have adequate home care support, you’ll be able to savor your bonding time with your loved one.

Senior Care Support From iCare

We offer every level of support from elderly companions to nurses at home. Reach out to us at iCare to talk about how we can help meet your elder care home health needs.


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