5 Important Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Personal Home Care Agency

5 Important Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Personal Home Care Agency

If you’re looking into home care in Mississauga, you’ll find there are many agencies ready to offer their services. Which is the best choice for your family and your senior loved one? There are a few questions you can ask to find out:

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  1. Are There Ways to Get Your Care Covered?

Unfortunately, most families will struggle to cover the full range of home care services they need. There are a several publicly funded services that offer support for home health care in Mississauga. Your health care agencies should be prepared to explore your options with you.

  1. Do You Match Based on Personality?

Home health care agencies may send a few different people to your home, from elderly companions to nurses. To keep your loved one comfortable and provide them with the best experience, iCare endeavours to match our staff to your family member based on personality, cultural, language and cuisine preferences whenever possible.

  1. Do You Provide Medical Care from Medical Professionals?

When you start with home health care, your parent may not need health support from a nurse, as they may not have injuries or wounds that need tending to. However, in the unlikely event their needs change, iCare Nurse at Home team is ready and capable of handling complex care situations. It’s best to choose a health care agency in Mississauga that offers nursing support from the start.

  1. How Soon Can We Get a Caregiver After We Call?

If you’re a family caregiver, you’re probably busy. You may have work, children, and other family obligations to balance alongside caring for your senior loved one (not to mention time for yourself!). You may need a caregiver quickly, so find out how soon the agency can get one to your door, even on short notice.

  1. What Is Your Full Range of Services?

Home health care in Mississauga means different things to different people. Does the agency you’re considering offer the services that you need most? While we offer the standard fare of Friend at home, Personal at Home and Nurse at Home services, we leverage tools that focus on mental, physical and social stimulation for a healthy lifestyle.  All our services are individualized to suit our client needs.

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Why Choose Home Health Care From iCare Home Health

Choose iCare as the home health care agency for your senior loved one. We’re a premier agency for home care in Mississauga that offers a wide range of services that are individualized and matched to clients’ needs and always seeks to make your loved one as comfortable and cared for as possible.


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