5 Tips for Taking Care of a Parent with Dementia at Home

5 Tips for Taking Care of a Parent with Dementia at Home

For many adults, ageing in place is a preferred choice. It allows them to remain in a familiar home with comfort. Home living can also offer a sense of independence for seniors — even with a little help.

For seniors with dementia, this extra help is often crucial. Symptoms of dementia may get worse over time, making caregiving key to a senior’s safety and well-being.

If you are providing dementia care at home for a parent or elderly loved one, consider the five tips below.

1) Secure Resources for Yourself as a Caregiver

It’s normal for caregivers to experience stress while supporting a loved one with dementia. By establishing a support team early on, you can help ensure you have a strong network of caring individuals to turn to if needed. In addition to your loved one’s physician, this can include a social worker, community support group, or other family members to share caregiving duties with.

2) Learn About Dementia and Dementia Care

Caring for a dementia patient is not an intuitive skill. Do your research and speak with your loved one’s physician to learn more about how you can offer support. If this is your first time providing dementia care at home, taking the time to learn about caregiving can go a long way in supporting the well-being of your loved one.

3) Consider Changes in Your Loved One’s Needs

The needs of your loved one can vary over time. Be sure to monitor for any changes in the level of care they require. Consult regularly with your loved one’s physician to ensure your care continues to meet their needs. They can advise if it’s time to look for dementia caregivers “near me” for extra support.

4) Create a Safe Home Environment

You may need to make some changes at home to keep your loved one safe. Be sure to place harmful items like chemicals, tools, and cleaning products out of reach. You will also want to eliminate trip hazards such as rugs and electrical cords. Well-lit hallways and bathrooms are also helpful, especially at night.

5) Know When to Ask for Help with Dementia Care

Acting as a primary caregiver for your loved one is a demanding task. If needed, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional caregiver. This will ensure your family member receives skilled care to assist with their dementia. It can also offer you peace of mind knowing that they are receiving qualified and compassionate care.

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