Types of Home Care Services for Seniors

Types of Home Care Services for Seniors

For seniors who prefer to age in place in their own home, premier home care services can make daily living more manageable.

For example, caregivers can assist seniors who have mobility issues to keep a tidy home. They can also offer transportation to and from appointments for seniors who do not (or cannot) drive. For other seniors, home nursing care may be needed after a hospital stay.

In the above examples and more scenarios, premier home care services are available to assist. They can ease the caregiving burden on families and help seniors remain independent at home — with safety and comfort.

How Can Senior Home Care Help My Loved One?

Below is a summary of some of the common areas where many seniors need help at home. A home care company can provide these services through a team of caregivers. This may include at-home nurses, personal support caregivers, elderly companions, and others.

Personal Care

Staying on top of daily hygiene is essential for good health. Caregivers can assist with tasks such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and more.


Transportation is invaluable for seniors who cannot drive or no longer drive. Caregivers can offer a ride to and from stores, doctors’ appointments, and other locations.

Light Housekeeping

Many premier home care agencies will assist with light chores. While their main goal is senior care, they can also help to ensure the home environment is clean and safe.


Elderly companions will help seniors remain social and enjoy their favourite activities. This can contribute to their emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being. Companions and seniors are often matched based on personality and interests. This helps ensure their time spent together is both fun and enjoyable.

Foot Care

Regular foot care, especially among seniors, can ensure healthy feet and comfort. Since other ailments such as diabetes can affect foot health, preventative foot care is essential. That’s why premier home care agencies are available to offer in-home foot care for seniors.

Nursing Care

Home nurses are available to provide professional and compassionate services. They can look after IV therapy, wound management, complex and special needs, and more.

More Senior Home Care Services

Other services such as medication management, meal preparation, and recreation therapy are available. These services can help extend a senior’s independence while ageing in place.

If you’re not sure which of the above services an elderly loved one in your life needs, contact iCare Home Health. We offer a range of home care services and caregiver programs to support seniors in Oakville, ON, and the GTA with independent living.

We recognize that each family’s situation is unique and may need a different level of care. Our home care specialists can discuss which services will support the senior in your life.

Contact our team in Oakville, ON, to learn more and receive a free assessment of your senior home care needs.


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