AIDS – Myths vs. Reality

AIDS – Myths vs. Reality

H.I.V/AIDS is still here. It never went anywhere. But, people don’t talk about it as much. While awareness of the virus still remains, the discourse on H.I.V/AIDS has waned since the zenith of discussion in the 1980s. It has become drowned out by wars, elections, social media, and other worldly events.

To put it succinctly, we have grown accustomed to the conversation and don’t pay as much attention anymore. It is a dangerous place to be as knowledge, conversation, and action are vital in the prevention of H.I.V/AIDS and the stigma that goes with it.

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Let’s take a look at some of the enduring myths that not just help propagate H.I.V/AIDS, but also affect those living with it:

H.I.V/AIDS is spread through kissing/sharing utensils/toilet seats…

H.I.V/AIDS is spread through the intermingling of certain bodily fluids; most often through sexual behaviours and shared needle use. It can also be spread through blood transfusions. It cannot be spread through saliva, sweat, urine, or in the air.

You will not contract H.I.V/AIDS through hugging, kissing, shaking hands, a toilet seat, exercise equipment, or through the air.

You won’t get H.I.V/AIDS if you only sleep with one person

Some believe that if you limit your sexual partners or not use intravenous drugs, you will lessen the chances of contracting H.I.V/AIDS.

It only takes one partner and one time. Whether you have one partner or a hundred, take precautions.

Older adults won’t get AIDS

Our population is aging; as are those infected with the virus. A person can contract H.I.V/AIDS at any age. Don’t think that your age makes you immune. It will infect you at any age.

H.I.V/AIDS is a death sentence

At this time, there is no known cure for H.I.V/AIDS. There are treatments that can lengthen the life of those with the virus. World-famous basketball player “Magic” Johnson announced that he was H.I.V positive over 25 years ago; he is still alive and active.

A positive diagnosis means you cannot have a full life

Don’t get me wrong; it is never a good thing. But, it doesn’t mean your life has to become all about treatments and hospitals. It is possible to continue to have a full life with family, friends, and career after a positive diagnosis.

Information is power; Understanding the differences between myths and realities with H.I.V/AIDS is key in preventing it and help those who are living with a positive diagnoses. iCare Home Health Services offers home-based healthcare for young and old in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Our care givers have experience with all health concerns and provide care in a safe, sensitive, and efficient manner. Please contact us today and find out how we may help you and your family.


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