Finding a Trusted & Known Home Care Service in Oakville

Finding a Trusted & Known Home Care Service in Oakville

Home care may be essential sometimes when recouping after an acute debilitating illness, injury or a surgery. Also, if your loved one is physically handicapped, home care in Oakville or other towns can help them to live life more fully and more comfortably. The other circumstance when you will welcome home care services is when you have aging parents at home who may need part/full time elder care in Oakville to support their daily activities of living and other activities that are necessary to maintain their home, health and happiness.

Causes for needing home care

Generally home health care is needed due to

  • Medical causes
  • Non-medical causes

Patients recovering from illnesses, injuries and operations, etc. use home care services that include personal care and skilled and medical services with trained and licensed caregivers like nurses, physiotherapists etc. While chronically ill people and seniors needing elder care in Oakville may need the non-medical home health care to stay safe in their homes, leading a comfortable life independently with dignity at home, well-attended by helpful and considerate caregivers.

Home care services

A variety of services are offered by reputed agencies that provide home care in Oakville as well other Canadian towns. Generally these include

  • Nursing services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Homemaker chores/services
  • Medication management
  • Social services
  • Nutrition/diet management

Additionally physician visits and counselling are offered along with occupational and speech therapy when needed depending on the patient’s requirements. Sometimes tasks like transferring, bathing and dressing may be done by part time working aides who come in for an hour or two.

Things to check for

Things you need to check when choosing an agency offering home care in Oakville are


  • Experience in healthcare field
  • Whether the agency is licensed and accredited
  • What services are offered and how much they will cost?
  • Do they offer specialty services for specific needs?
  • How the caregiver staff are selected and trained?
  • Are the background checks/criminal record checks thorough?
  • Special training, refresher courses offered for caregiver upgrading?
  • Is there transparency in home care package, its customization and bill statements?
  • Is there guarantee for replacement caregiver if need be?

Selecting the right home care services

Finding a trusted agency providing caregivers for elder care in Oakville at home can be time consuming, but it is well spent time. A customized home care package that fits exactly your loved one’s needs given by the right kind of caregiver – compassionate, courteous, competent and well-qualified can make a world of difference to you as well to your loved ones.

Trained and trustworthy caregivers in home care in Oakville as well in other areas represent the values and commitment of the agency they work for. They symbolize the moral fibre of the agency which provides exemplary home care and also elder care in Oakville. For more information, please call us today.