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How Senior Care Keeps Seniors Safe, Healthy and Independent

As we age, it’s normal for some tasks to become more difficult. For example, climbing stairs could be a challenge for seniors with mobility issues. Dialing the phone could also be hard for seniors with dementia. With senior home care, though, your loved ones can get help with these tasks throughout the day. This will help them to live their lives with ease and maintain their independence.

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At iCare Home Health, we provide many services to assist seniors. This includes the Friend at Home Program, Dementia and Alzheimer support and foot care — just to name a few. Here’s how these services keep seniors feeling safe, healthy and independent:

Maintain Physical Activity

Keeping seniors active can improve their mobility and may prevent slips and falls. Physical activity can also prevent illness, reduce high blood pressure, strengthen bones and keep seniors feeling young. Even simple activities such as gardening or dancing can improve self-esteem and their quality of life. Having these activities supervised by an elderly companion or senior care provider will ensure your loved ones are safe while being active.

Socialize with Friends

Instead of allowing seniors to feel isolated, caregivers should encourage social outings. Whether it’s to the mall, coffee shop or local community centre, social activity is just as important as physical activity. That’s why a senior care professional will plan outings with friends and family to encourage conversation and a good memory.

Mental Stimulation

Mental well-being will keep a senior’s mind sharp and promote a healthy outlook on life. Senior care specialists may encourage your elderly loved one to work on crossword puzzles and other brain games to keep their minds active.

Emotional Well-Being

Healthy emotions are driven by many factors such as relations with family and friends, community involvement, and hobbies. Maintaining a sense of purpose in life and carrying through with normal activities, when helped by a senior home care provider, will contribute to being happy and optimistic as seniors age.

If you’re concerned about your ageing loved one feeling sad or upset by their day-to-day tasks, it may be time to bring in some help so they can continue to live at home. At iCare Home Health, our trained senior care professionals provide services for the elderly in their homes in the Oakville area. If you have a loved one who is in need of care, call us at (647) 492-1486 or email to discuss the best program option for their health and wellbeing.

iCare Home health is a boutique, visionary home healthcare agency that leverages creative and innovative solutions to empower Canadians, young or old to recover from medical procedure or age with dignity in the comfort of their homes.

Our services include Friend at Home, Personal Support at Home, Nurse at Home and Advanced foot care at home or at one of our growing clinics sites.

Our Care Plans are individualized to client needs and preferences. Our team is passionate about the care they provide and strive to make a difference wherever the opportunity arises.

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President of iCare Home Health Services, a community based, boutique home health care company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers to maintain their quality of life and dignity while they recover from illness or age at the comfort of their own home.

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