Five Tips to Renovate Your Home to Help Seniors Age Comfortably

Five Tips to Renovate Your Home to Help Seniors Age Comfortably

Home renovations are just one area of life that you can focus on to help your elderly loved ones. Even though premier homecare services are available to help aging seniors, many prefer ageing in place — that is, living at home as long as possible. With a few home renovations, you can create your own level of premier home health care and ensure your elderly family members age safely and comfortably in a familiar environment.

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  1. Create a Safe and Accessible Shower

Showers are an area of the home where slips and falls come easily to seniors. By installing grab bars, you can enhance their stability. Some seniors may also benefit from a seat in the shower. This will limit the time they spend standing — from both a stamina and safety perspective. Plus, many seats can be stowed away when not in use.

  1. Focus on Flooring That’s Safe

High pile carpets and rugs make it easy to trip. They’re also difficult to navigate for seniors who use walkers and wheelchairs. If you’re replacing your flooring, focus on the slip ratings of your new material. Hardwood and tiles that are slip-resistant will provide the most safety for your loved one.

  1. Make an Accessible Entrance

Steps and obstacles at the front of your home will pose a challenge for seniors using wheelchairs, walkers, canes or another mobility device. Installing a ramp now will ensure that seniors of all abilities can enter and exit the home as they age.

  1. Install Light Switches at Each Doorway

Being able to see into each room will improve safety in a senior’s home. Sensor lighting makes it simple for seniors to see brightly upon entering a room. As an alternative, you could install light switches at each doorway and entrance that are accessible from a seated position for wheelchair users.

  1. Make the Main Floor Liveable

In multi-level homes, stairs become an obstacle for the elderly. While stair chairs and lifts are a viable alternative, they can be costly. As an alternative, you could provide the best home care services for your loved ones simply by making the first floor of your home a complete living space with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

As your family members age, you may wish to complement these home renovations with premier homecare services. At iCare Home Health, we offer a range of premier home health care supports and are staffed by caregivers who can provide a range of services for the elderly in their homes. If you have a loved one who is in need of care in the Oakville area, call us at (647) 492-1486 or email to discuss the best home care services for their needs.


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