What is Live-In Care and How Does it Work?

What is Live-In Care and How Does it Work?

Nursing homes aren’t for everyone. Whether it’s an issue of cost or comfort, some of us prefer to have our elderly loved ones live at home as long as possible. But when providing care for them yourself becomes difficult, you may need to hire an in-home caretaker. From grooming to bathing, cooking and chores, these professionals will live with your ageing family member to provide ongoing help.

Live-In Care

If you’re not familiar with the services that a 24-hour caregiver can provide, here’s a quick overview.

Personal Care

In a nursing home, each nurse oversees the well-being of several residents. A caregiver in your home will instead provide one-on-one care for your loved one. This individual attention is especially valuable for elderly clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Caregivers at home also provide flexibility in their client’s schedule, meaning tasks are completed throughout the day rather than during a short visit.

Safety and Security

Your peace of mind is equally as important as the well-being of your loved one. With an in-home caretaker, you can rest easy knowing that your family member is receiving care around the clock. You no longer have to worry that they are spending long stretches of time alone or are trying to perform dangerous tasks. From bathing to cooking and leaving the home, you can be assured that their caregiver is keeping their safety and health in check.

Comfortable Environment

The move to a nursing home or retirement residence often is a big change. From a new home to a new routine and sometimes even a new city, it can be difficult for many seniors to find comfort. But with live-in care, your ageing family member can continue to live in their own home in the Oakville area. For loved ones with dementia, especially, having a familiar surrounding is essential to their health.

Ongoing Support

The list of tasks that a 24-hour caregiver can assist with is vast. From light chores to cooking, grooming, running errands and driving your loved one to appointments, they’ll be able to provide help to seniors around the clock. They will also provide much-needed company when it comes to social and physical activities. It’s important to remember that caregivers are not medical professionals, but they can assist with taking medication, travelling to doctor’s appointments and nutrition.

At iCare Home Health, our personal caregivers are trained to provide around-the-clock care to elderly patients in their homes in the Oakville area. If you think your loved one is in need of this in-home service or another level of care, call us at (647) 492-1486 or email info@icarehomehealth.ca for details.


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