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How Storytelling Helps Dementia Patients

One of the ways an elderly companion can interact with seniors is through storytelling. The companion and senior can both tell stories to connect and bond, but it offers many other benefits. Seniors who have dementia can especially benefit from at home health care services that incorporate companionship and storytelling that keeps them engaged.

Cope With Memory Loss

Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s may become very frustrated when they cannot recall the memories and facts they wish to. Forgetting a visitor’s name, or forgetting who their children are, can be very disturbing. Fictional storytelling can help alleviate that stress. With no need to remember facts, seniors can avoid frustration, come out of their shell, and have long conversations. This experience is often very liberating for those who are struggling with memory issues.


Seniors who have become withdrawn and quiet can benefit from mutual storytelling. Their elderly companion can share their own stories to engage the senior and build trust. Then, they can encourage the senior to come out of their shell by sharing an interesting or funny story from their life. It’s easy for the companion to ask follow-up questions and maintain a conversation if the senior is willing to share a story.


Whether at home or in an assisted living facility, prompting seniors to share stories can help them forge new relationships, and strengthen the feeling of community and belonging. Even those who have been married for decades can strengthen their bond by recalling their fondest memories and reminiscing together.

Mood & Relaxation

Recalling life’s greatest adventures is a joy. Telling your favorite life stories can distract you from present concerns, and hearing the interesting and funny stories from other seniors will brighten anyone’s mood.

Elderly Companions From iCare Home Health Care Services

Receiving at home health care services or visits from an elderly companion from iCare Home Health can make at home care more stimulating and engaging. Storytelling is just one of the ways our compassionate caregivers help seniors maintain their relationships and quality of life. Contact iCare Home Health today to learn more about our services and receive a consultation.

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