10 Tips to Stay Safe While Taking A Bath

10 Tips to Stay Safe While Taking A Bath

Are you worried about your safety in the bath? Or a senior loved one’s safety in the bath? While bathing is a daily necessity, it can also pose a danger to those who are older or have limited mobility. Here are our top tips to stay safe and avoid potential slip and fall accidents while you’re in the bath:

    1. Grab Bars: Install at least two grab bars in your tub so that you have multiple options to stabilize yourself.
    2. Hand-Held Shower Head: These nifty shower heads make it easier for you to clean hard to reach spots without moving around too much. Limiting your movement will reduce your chance of falls.
    3. Bathtub Or Shower Type: Consider installing a bathtub that has a built-in door, so you don’t have to step over to get in.
    4. Seat: If you have a shower, at least have a seat installed so you can rest while you bathe.
    5. Thick Bath Mat: Spills on the bathroom floor can make it slippery and cause you to fall. Have a large, thick bath mat that can absorb any water that ends up on the floor.
    6. Weighted Shower Curtain: Another good way to prevent water on the bathroom floor is a weighted shower curtain. The stream of the shower can’t push it aside.
    7. Anti-Slip Surfaces: The edge of the bathtub and the bathroom countertop ca both be too slippery to hold onto when you’re falling. You can get anti-slip surfaces installed in these spots so you can use them for balance.
    8. Clean The Clutter: Clutter on the floor of the bathroom is especially dangerous. Move magazine stacks, towel baskets, and other items on the floor onto shelving.
    9. Have Important Things Nearby: You don’t want to be reaching too far for your soap or shampoo, so have them stored on accessible in-bath shelving.
    10. Ask For Assistance: A caregiver can make your bath more comfortable and secure. If you don’t want a family member to assist you, you can have a nurse at home help you bath.

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