Why Live In Care For Wound Care Is A Smart Choice

Why Live In Care For Wound Care Is A Smart Choice

When you’re recovering from a wound or surgery at home, you face many challenges. It may be painful to move, and you may not have the ability or knowledge to care for your wound while it heals. Seniors have longer recovery times and are particularly vulnerable to post-operative infections. That’s why live in care is so important.

Benefits Of Live In Care For Wound Care

Your live in caregiver or nurse can provide quality wound care while they stay with you. They can change your dressings, clean your wound, look for signs of infection, and help you perform any post-operative physiotherapy you may need. They can also help you sort out new medications, from pain killers to antibiotics, and ensure you take them on schedule.

The benefit of having a live in caregiver for these tasks is that they can happen when you’re ready, or your schedule. If you have questions or your conditions changes, your nurse is right there, to immediately give you the support you need.

Of course, while you’re receiving wound care, there are many daily tasks you may not be able to accomplish. Pushing yourself to do the dishes or laundry will set back your recovery, and may even be dangerous. Instead, a live in caregiver can perform these tasks for you, so you can rest and recover.

Live In Care From iCare Home Health

When we provide live in care, iCare Home Health sends out the most compassionate and qualified staff and nurses. Their honesty, professionalism, and 24/7 dedication to you or your senior loved one will give you the peace of mind you need. Contact us at iCare Home Health to learn more about our wound care, live in care, and other at home health care services.


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