How To Cope When Your Loved One Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

How To Cope When Your Loved One Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s your plan for your future will change, and that is a frightening prospect. What will happen, who will your loved one become, and what will you do? You may not be ready to think about the progression of this disease, but you have many options to support you and your loved one through this, from senior home care and specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia support at home, to the support of your doctors. Here are some strategies to help you cope with this difficult time.

Alzheimer's Care

1.Take It Slow

There is a lot to learn about Alzheimer’s. Take your time researching, thinking, and talking to each other. A good starting point is our Alzheimer’s and dementia resource page.  You might feel pressed into major decisions, but just wait until you’ve had time to explore all your options and consider your new reality. And remember, new treatments and support for people with Alzheimer’s are being continually developed.

2. Care For The Family

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can instigate tension within the family. Symptoms of the illness can cause confusion, anger, and pain. Each family member will need support. Whether that’s extra love and understanding, a family mediator, or individual therapists will depend on your family dynamic. Your local Alzheimer’s Society is a good source of support options. You’ve begun a challenging journey together, but your family can pull through it with help and support.

3. Don’t Forget Yourself

Many Alzheimer’s caregivers (up to 47 percent according to Alz Info), will experience depression while caregiving. You will feel stress and concern as your partner’s condition deteriorates. While you will be focused on caring for them, you need to also focus on caring for yourself. After all, they would not want you to neglect yourself. Reach out for support, from family, friends, doctors, and health professionals.

4. Consider Home Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, but there is professional help available. You can get specific Alzheimer’s care in your own home from a senior home care service, like iCare Home Health. We offer comprehensive care, from a consistent, qualified caregiver. They can provide personal care services like bathing and mobility assistance, and can monitor your loved one for safety, redirect their behavior, remind them of their medication, and much more. Reach out to iCare Home Health to learn more about our services and to talk about what kind of Alzheimer’s care is right for your loved one.


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