Mental Health Awareness: Symptoms You Should Speak To Your Doctor About

Mental Health Awareness: Symptoms You Should Speak To Your Doctor About

Mental health problems originate in your brain and can affect your whole body. For mental health awareness week, from October 1-7, we want to raise awareness that your doctor can be your first resource when you think you’re facing a mental illness. And if you are, home care in Oakville can support you while you learn to cope and recover. Here are some of the symptoms you should talk to your doctor about.

Mental Health Awareness

1. Feeling Sad

If you feel down without cause, or with cause but for longer than you think is normal, you may be suffering from a mental illness. In fact, if you feel emotional without reason, or for longer than normal, including feelings of euphoria, anger, or fear, you should see your doctor. It may seem odd to bring up feelings at your doctor’s office, but they are symptoms your doctor will want to know about, just like physical aches and pains. Your doctor can help determine the root of your issues and come up with a treatment plan.

2. Feeling Exhausted

It can be hard to sort out what’s normal physical exhaustion and what’s emotional exhaustion from mental illness. If you’ve noticed a change in your activity levels, or if it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, you could be suffering from a physical or mental illness.

Especially if this exhaustion is stopping you from seeing friends, going to church, or participating in other social activities, it’s something you should bring up with your doctor. Your doctor can help you discover the root of the problem and advise you about how to get back to your normal routine. A premier home care service can help support you while your energy levels are low.

3. Recurring Aches And Pains

iCare’s home care in Oakville can be part of a plan to help your loved one cope with their mental illness. Our premier home care services support the whole individual, mind and body. For this mental health awareness week, remember that you don’t have to suffer with mental illness alone. Reach out and receive greater support for your well being from iCare’s Home Health’s premier home care services.


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