How to Hire a Nurse for Home Care

How to Hire a Nurse for Home Care

There comes a time in life when you may need nursing services at home. Perhaps you need IV therapy, wound care, foot care, or support after a hospital stay. Home nurses are available to help. If you’re a senior, you may need a nurse to support your daily living so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while continuing to live at home.

If you or a member of your family find yourself in one of these scenarios, you may be ready to hire a nurse for home care. Ask yourself the questions below as you begin your search.

What Services Do You Need?

You can help narrow down your search by first assessing your needs. For example, you may prefer to choose nursing services that specialize in a specific kind of care. Start by outlining the services that are needed to help inform your search.

How Often Will You Need a Nurse at Home?

On top of the type of care needed, it’s also important to look at frequency. For example, you may only need a nurse on an hourly basis. If you need support around the clock, you will want to look for a nurse who offers live-in care.

Did You Consult with Your Physician?

The physician for you or your loved one may have valuable advice when it comes to in-home nursing. They may be able to recommend a preferred choice or offer insight into the types of services to look for that will best support your specific needs.

Did You Seek Nurse at Home Referrals?

Much like your physician, others in your close circle may be able to offer insight. Perhaps they have recently looked into nursing care options for themselves or a loved one and can help narrow down your choices.

Are You Prepared for a Consultation?

Before getting started with in-home nursing, it’s important to consult with the caregiver. This is your chance to ask questions, discuss your needs, and talk about your care plan.

Most caregivers will also want to get to know you and your family. They may ask questions about your hobbies and favourite activities. The goal is to not only understand the level of care you need but also to ensure that your personalities are compatible.

Contact iCare Home Health for Qualified Nursing Support

At iCare Home Health in Oakville, ON, we recognize that making a decision about home care may take some time. You will want to make the best choice for yourself or your loved one, and we’re ready to support you. We’ll take the time to discuss your family’s needs and how our range of caregiving services can help.

We invite you to contact our team in Oakville, ON, for a free assessment and to learn more about our Nurse at Home program.