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Seniors Seek More Comfort with Senior Care in Durham

For many seniors, choosing to live at home is ideal. Rather than stay with a relative or move to a senior’s community, they prefer to age in place. Staying allows them to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment. But it may be time to hire a helping hand when moving around the house or personal hygiene becomes difficult.

Our Scarborough senior home care providers help with the above tasks and more. Service levels will vary depending on each client’s needs, but common areas of support include:

Housekeeping and Chores

Many caregivers will assist seniors with light housework and chores around the home. It can be challenging to move around the house when seniors have mobility issues. That’s why they may need help with laundry, sweeping, or washing dishes to maintain a safe and clean living environment.

Errands and Transportation

Seniors who no longer drive will need transportation to and from appointments, stores, and other locations. Many families prefer that a caregiver for seniors provide transportation for their loved one instead of asking them to navigate public transit or rideshare services.

Cooking and Meal Time

A caregiver for seniors can also help with nutrition. This care includes cooking and much-needed company while eating as well. Companionship is essential for seniors who live alone and may experience loneliness. Seniors will also receive supervision in the kitchen, making it safe for them to use appliances. Family members can also rest easy knowing their loved one is receiving proper nutrition.

Personal Care and Hygiene

When simple tasks become tough, senior home care can ensure hygiene remains a priority. A bathroom environment can also be a hazard for seniors. Tiles and tubs will become slippery when wet and could cause a slip or fall. To help maintain personal hygiene and proper foot care, caregivers can assist with bathing, dressing, and more.

Contact iCare Home Health for Senior Care in Scarborough

iCare Home Health in Oakville, ON provides programs and services to assist seniors with comfortable living at home. These programs include our Friend at Home Program, Personal Support Services, Foot Care, and help with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. We serve seniors in Oakville, ON, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

If a senior in your family needs help at home, contact our home care specialists. We will conduct a free assessment to determine the level of care they need.

iCare Home health is a boutique, visionary home healthcare agency that leverages creative and innovative solutions to empower Canadians, young or old to recover from medical procedure or age with dignity in the comfort of their homes.

Our services include Friend at Home, Personal Support at Home, Nurse at Home and Advanced foot care at home or at one of our growing clinics sites.

Our Care Plans are individualized to client needs and preferences. Our team is passionate about the care they provide and strive to make a difference wherever the opportunity arises.

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President of iCare Home Health Services, a community based, boutique home health care company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers to maintain their quality of life and dignity while they recover from illness or age at the comfort of their own home.

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