Tele-homecare Reduces ER Use and Hospitalizations

Tele-homecare Reduces ER Use and Hospitalizations

Living with a chronic disease is never easy, and prolonged hospitalizations and lengthy stays in Emergency Rooms can dramatically decrease quality of life. Many patients prefer they could manage their condition from the comfort of their own home. Fortunately, premier home care services like Telehomecare empowers patients to do just that. Telehomecare uses technology that allows patients with chronic diseases to access the care they need, right at home. It involves monitoring each patient’s health remotely, while offering health education and coaching to encourage patients to be involved in their care, and keeping primary care providers informed with ongoing health updates. The goal is to allow patients to manage and monitor their health in their own home, while avoiding uncomfortable and costly hospitalizations and ER visits to themselves and/ or the public healthcare system. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of Telehomecare for you and your loved ones.

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Increases Early Intervention

Telehomecare supports early intervention and allows patients to rapidly respond to any health issues that may arise, resulting in empowered, educated, and engaged patients. This also means that patients can avoid unnecessarily services and costly health complications, which creates improved overall health outcomes.

Studies have shown that patients using Telehomecare are more likely to engage in healthy behaviours, including adhering closely to prescribed medical regimes and self-care guidelines. This allows patients to avoid extended hospital stays, while maintaining their independence and remaining in their homes and communities.

Improves Care and Outcome

Reducing the demand for acute care is another benefit of Telehomecare, as the program effectively uses health care resources to enable better patient outcomes. Telehomecare extends to reach of health care providers by providing care and support necessary for patients to be discharged sooner from hospitals with the ability to remote monitor their vitals.

Patients in the program experience improved care as they are educated, motivated, and empowered to manage their health from the comfort of their own home. Telehomecare also ensures that patients’ primary care teams are kept up to date while unnecessary appointments, hospitalizations, and ER visits are reduced.

Support for Chronic Diseases

The potential for developing multiple chronic diseases dramatically increases as we age, and the management of chronic diseases already accounts for 55% of health care spending in Ontario. As the number of seniors in the province is expected to double within the next 20 years, the percentage may increase. Managing the cost of managing chronic conditions through elder home health care is an essential part of a sustainable health care system.

Telehomecare supports elder home health care by assisting patients with chronic diseases through remote monitoring and health coaching, which allows patients to get the support they need at home.

Easy-to-use devices are widely available for patients or caregivers to measure their vital signs. Apps for Health such as health espresso are also available for data collection, analysis and to flag the potential of adverse trends that may require medical assistance. Data can be shared further with the patient’s primary care team for further diagnosis, and/ or to take preventative measures for healthier ourtcomes.

Proven Effectiveness

Telehomecare provides immediate, measureable results that are meaningful to patients and their primary health care providers. It’s a highly effective and low-cost health monitoring system that allows patients to self-manage their medical conditions to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. The program can also be scaled and applied to a variety of conditions and diseases. The result is less burden on the health care system, and better health for patients, who can enjoy the more time in the comfort of their own home, instead of being stuck in a hospital bed.

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