The Basics of Proper Diabetes Foot and Toenail Care

The Basics of Proper Diabetes Foot and Toenail Care

Individuals with diabetes need to be extra vigilant when it comes to foot care. A consistent routine can help keep feet healthy and prevent serious issues from occurring. Diabetic foot care can also improve overall comfort and assist with mobility as individuals age.

If you’re looking to learn more about how and why diabetes can affect your feet, review this helpful article. Then, be sure to implement the tips below as part of your diabetic foot care at home.

Inspect Feet Daily for Injuries

If you have diabetes, you may find it hard to feel when you have an injury on your feet. A sore or wound may go unnoticed and, when left untreated, it can become a serious issue.

Be sure to inspect your feet daily, looking for any concerns such as blisters, cracked skin, and other ailments. Act on any injuries by seeking professional care, where needed.

Wash Feet with Warm Water and Gentle Soap

Use your hands or arms to test the water temperature before you wash your feet. With warm water and gentle soap, be sure to clean your feet thoroughly. After washing, dry your feet including the spaces between your toes.

Moisturize Feet as Part of Foot Care at Home

Dry skin on the feet can crack over time and result in discomfort. You can use moisturizer to help soothe and prevent dry skin. Using gentle soap and warm water when bathing can also help to prevent dry skin in the future.

Trim Toenails Regularly

As part of your foot care at home, use nail clippers to trim your toenails regularly. Be sure to seek professional care for ingrown toenails or if you need assistance with regular nail trimming.

Look into Professional Foot Care Services

For seniors and/or individuals with diabetes, professional foot care is available to help. iCare Home Health in Oakville, ON offers in-home support for foot care for seniors and for diabetics. You can also book an appointment at one of our clinic locations. Our services include assessment; nail trimming; treatment for corns, calluses, ingrown nails, and thickened nails; along with preventative care.

An emphasis on foot care cannot be over-emphasized. Regular care will help keep your feet in good health and focus on your comfort. To learn more about iCare Home Health’s foot care for seniors and for diabetics, contact us in Oakville, ON.


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