Why In-home Dementia Care Services are Getting More Popular

Why In-home Dementia Care Services are Getting More Popular

Driving around Oakville, you might notice that even more, senior care centers are opening. What you can’t see is that in-home dementia care is becoming more popular too. More and more families are choosing to keep their seniors with dementia in-home with dementia caregivers. Why is in-home care for people with dementia becoming more popular? 

Wait Lists are Too Long

If you’ve ever looked for a “dementia daycare near me,” you’ll soon discover that there just aren’t enough. Waitlists for full-time retirement homes and temporary daycare facilities seem to be miles long. Few families can afford to have a member miss work to give the seniors with dementia the care they need. Instead of risking their safety, many families choose to have a professional caregiver come to them.

More People Have Dementia

Compounding the waitlist problem is we have more seniors, and those seniors suffer from higher amounts of dementia every year. According to CIHI, a non-profit organization that collects information on Canadian health, says that 25% of seniors who are age 85 or older have dementia. Roughly 261,000 seniors with dementia do not live in a publicly funded nursing home or long-term care facility. Those people need safe, comforting, professional dementia care in their homes.

In-Home Care Is Better

Those who do manage to secure their senior a spot in a care facility may not be satisfied with the level of care their parent receives. Reports of restraints, the use of antipsychotics, and poor hygiene practices are common in certain facilities, though they are less common on average.

Even if the care in a nursing home was perfect, it still can’t compete with the flexibility and security of getting in-home care. It significantly reduces a senior’s stress to be in their own familiar home. Home care services like iCare Home Health also strive to customize the care for everyone, while nursing homes may try to give every person the same services, for their convenience.

We have a selection of different care services that you can choose from to best match your senior’s lifestyle. We can even have one of our professional dementia caregivers help you determine what your senior needs.

If you are looking for “dementia daycare near me,” consider in-home dementia care instead. Your senior won’t have to compete for caregiver attention with several other seniors. Instead, they will be properly cared for and catered to.


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