5 Essential Tips for Senior Foot Care

5 Essential Tips for Senior Foot Care

Are you looking for “foot care services near me?” If so, you might want to learn a bit about seniors’ foot care needs before you choose your foot care specialists.

Foot care for seniors is very different from foot care for young adults. Seniors are less likely to be able to feel or reach their own feet. What’s more, seniors are at greater risk of foot-related ailments owing to other conditions that can affect the soles of their, the heel, toes and nails. Here are five essential tips for foot care for seniors.

5 Essential Tips for Senior Foot Care

1. Trimming Nails Isn’t Everything

Most seniors start thinking about receiving professional care for their feet because they can no longer trim their own nails. However, senior foot care is about much more than just trimming nails. A foot care professional who looks after your feet care should be able to identify and treat other common foot problems, from cuts to corns.

2. Your Care Provider Should Look for Swelling

Often due to diabetes or other health conditions, a person can lose some sensation in their feet. As a result, swelling, cuts and other injuries and illness that normally cause pain may be overlooked. Your care provider should be aware of that and, as part of your senior foot care routine, check your feet for injuries visually and look for swelling by feeling them.

Often, swelling on one foot can be found by comparing its size and shape to the other foot. If swelling affects both feet, your caregiver will find redness and tight skin. If this person is a health care provider, such as a trained nurse, they will be able to tell you if swelling may be due to your medication or illness; and if it’s something you should bring up with your doctor.

3. Clean and Moisturize

Senior foot care involves gentle cleaning on a monthly, weekly (and sometimes daily) basis in order to prevent infection and maintain health. All that cleaning can dry out already brittle and thin skin. So, your foot care specialist should use moisturizer to restore your skin’s vitality. You may even need medical-grade moisturizer, which lasts longer and provides better absorption into the skin.

4. Don’t Treat Issues Yourself

As a kid you might have burst your blisters or removed your own calluses. As a senior, doing so can open you up to infection and make it harder for your feet to heal. What’s worse, they can cause a lot of discomfort in walking. Let a professional show you how best to treat your foot issues.

5. Consider Nearby Foot Care Services for Seniors

When you’re looking for “foot care services near me,” choose someone who is nearby but also a professional. iCare Home Health has certified nurses in Oakville who can give you the expert footcare you need right in your own home. When you choose our foot care services for seniors, you know you are getting more than just a pedicure.

iCare Home Health offer foot care services for seniors at the comfort of their home in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Etobicoke. In the East end, our nurses offer foot care services in Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby and Ajax.

To find out how we customize care plans for your needs, email us at info@icarehomehealth.ca or call (905) 491-6941.

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