Art Therapy: The latest tool in restoring memories

Art Therapy: The latest tool in restoring memories

Alzheimer’s is a condition that affects one of the best parts of the human brain; the memory. We all want to remember the great moments in our lives and when we start to forget those moments due to Alzheimer’s, it can be disheartening.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the world?

It affects 30 million people a year and while there is no cure for it. Scientists are now coming up with new and productive ways to restore the memories back to those that have lost them.

Art therapy engages attention, provides pleasure, social behavior, self-esteem and improves neuropsychiatric symptoms.


It is a visual stimulant that is used for patients with dementia to improve their overall memories. Some of the benefits of Art therapy are:

  • Enhanced self esteem
  • Improved Communication and self expression
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced agitation
  • Reduced depression

There are also other ways to use Art therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Memories in the Making!

Memories in the Making, a fine arts program designed for people with early or moderate dementia has reported improved attention, affect and confidence during therapy sessions. It is a weekly art program put together by art facilitators.

The findings in the programs are positive, but are not conclusive enough yet to move forward. Some programs have taken visual art therapy and applied it to theirs daily curriculum due to the reactions they are getting. This is a big part of the future for helping to find the cure and reverse Alzheimer’s so that memories can be restored.

There is also a new device called Remind that helps patients remember their memories by music. Since music is such a powerful force when it comes to associating with memories and is linked to emotions. A team of young innovators created a device that taps into the brain through music. They use this device to tap into memories through favorite songs of the patient. The melodies and lyrics tap deep into the brain to trigger memories.

This is just another great way that art is being used to combat Alzheimer’s. This is just the early stages of these treatments though so imagine how much they will be able to help in the coming years as they are developed further. At iCare Home Health our passion is to help families find the right care for their loved one. Would you like to explore further and talk to one of our Home Care Directors, then call us now!


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