Avoiding Elderly Depression: How a Senior Care Provider Can Help

Elderly depression is a serious condition needing timely diagnosis and treatment. Although there are many causes of depression in the elderly, such as limited mobility and medical concerns, experts have concluded that the primary cause for elderly depression is isolation. Depression can affect the mental well being of an aging individual as well as interfere with sleep, ability to eat, physical health, and energy level.

Causes of Elderly Depression

Symptoms of elderly depression can go unnoticed for a long time. The condition is not uncommon, and people often deny they have a problem. Many times, they become depressed when their family members live far away and a care at home service provider has not been hired to take care of them. Here are the common causes of depression in elderly people:

  • Isolation from the world, including family and friends
  • Inability to do what used to make them happy
  • Inability to function the way they used to
  • Feeling like a burden to other people

Changes in life can also place an elderly person at a higher risk of depression. A care at home service provider can be an observer for the causes of depression, Depression can be triggered by such things as having a disability, severe or chronic pain, loneliness, anxiety, bereavement, and illness.

Some side effects of medication also result in depression. Medications can include sleeping pills, blood pressure medication, tranquilizers, pain killers, high cholesterol medication, beta blockers, and Parkinson’s medication. Having a friend at home or a senior care provider can offer companionship, physical and mental stimulation to ensure that depression is managed through one on one personal support as opposed to the dependence exclusively on medications.

Symptoms of Depression in the Elderly

Depression symptoms vary from one person to another. It is important to identify the symptoms early enough so that proper treatment can be provided by a professional. Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Weight loss
  • Sleeping problems
  • Despair
  • Social isolation
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of interest in anything

How to Avoid Elderly Depression

The main cause of elderly depression is social isolation. Many elderly people enjoy their independence. Even moving to a senior living facility may not be such a good idea to them as the idea of moving to a new place can create a form of isolation. The familiar surroundings are gone! But even staying at home, they can become lonely.

It can be frustrating when you are far from your aging parents and you don’t have enough time to spend with them. It is important that you consider support from a senior care service provider who will ensure that your aging parents receive personalized assistance and companionship. A senior care provider is specially trained to help the elderly.

  1. A senior care provider like iCare Home Health can be your ears and eyes, recognizing the symptoms of depression early, and ensuring your loved ones get treatment as soon as possible. The senior care provider will also ensure that your parents maintain proper hygiene, take their medication, participate in social activities, and get exercise.

At iCare Home Health, our goal is to provide individual care that maintains your loved ones’ quality of life. Contact us for a complimentary assessment now!


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