How to Decide that it’s Time to Opt for Home Health Care

How to Decide that it’s Time to Opt for Home Health Care

Decisions related to the care of elderly loved ones are often difficult to make. There may come a time when seniors in your life can no longer live alone. It can be tough to decide exactly when that time is for families.

If you think a senior in your life may need premier home care services, read on. Here are some warning signs to watch out for, which may help with your decision-making.

Health Worsens

Seniors are prone to developing chronic health issues that require special care. If your loved one has been diagnosed recently with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia or other serious health issues, this is a sign that they may need senior home care to help manage their ailments.

In addition, the potential for slips and falls around the home is more common with seniors. This is because mobility tends to drop as seniors age, meaning they may be less stable on their feet. If a senior in your family has fallen recently, this may be another sign that it’s time to look into elderly home care to help them move around the house.

Money Issues

Some seniors may find it hard to keep up with their finances. If bills are piling up or if they’ve forgotten to pay them, this may be a sign that it’s time to look into hiring a caregiver.

If you’re noticing bills are piling up in your senior’s home or if they’re having difficulty with payments and taxes, it may be time to look into a Friend at Home program that can help with these tasks.

Messy Home

As it gets harder to move around the house, your elderly family member may find it hard to vacuum, mop and scrub their home clean. If you notice dirt piling up, this may be a sign that it’s time to look into senior home care.

Also, take a look inside your senior’s fridge to see if expired food and/or mould is lurking. Not only is this a sign that their ability to tidy up has dropped, but also that they may not be eating healthy food. An at-home caregiver can help both with chores around the house and meal prep to ensure your loved one is healthy.

Poor Hygiene

Mobility issues may make it hard for seniors to take care of their bodies. They may find it difficult to shower or brush their teeth. If they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, they may forget that these tasks are necessary. If an elderly loved one in your life isn’t able to maintain their hygiene, this is another warning sign to watch for.

Premier Homecare Services from iCare Home Health in Oakville

If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs, it’s definitely time to look into elderly home care options. iCare Home Health helps seniors in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area to continue living at home with 24-7 live-in services or other assistance as needed.

Many levels of support are available. Contact us to discuss the option best suited for your family.


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