Life Enhancing Tech Devices for Seniors

Life Enhancing Tech Devices for Seniors

Technology is sometimes thought of as being only for the young, especially by seniors who didn’t grow up using all the gadgets we’re accustomed to today. However, technological advancements can be incredibly helpful to seniors to improve their happiness, sociability, physical health, and overall quality of life. What’s more, modern gadgets are typically user-friendly and don’t require much expertise to use. Here are the top three life-enhancing technology devices for seniors and their benefits.

Life Enhancing Tech Devices

Smart Phones
Many smart phones are designed with an intuitive interface, which makes them easy for everyone to use. Seniors with reduced eyesight may prefer a smartphone with a larger screen to ensure the icons and text are visible at a normal viewing distance. Smart phones hold a lot of advantages for seniors because of their multiple uses. They act as phones to keep in touch with loved ones, and their pocket-size format means they’re easily accessible when an emergency arises. The camera feature also has the added bonus of allowing video calls, which many seniors love when keeping up with their grandchildren. Smart phones also allow seniors to download a variety of apps, from games that provide entertainment and can help keep their minds agile, to health apps that allow them to keep track of medications, activities, and other health issues.

Laptops and Tablets
Laptops and tablets allow seniors to download the same apps and games that are available for smart phones, but they have the benefits of larger screen sizes and more memory. The larger screens are especially helpful for seniors with reduced vision, due to the ability to increase the size of the text and icons. What’s more, the larger screen size and portability makes it simple to watch movies and television shows, and download and read eBooks. Easy access to the internet through tablets and laptops also means seniors can browse the web, read the news, send emails, and scroll through Facebook. The internet can help seniors feel more connected to the world, especially is mobility challenges are present, and a recent study showed that older adults who use the internet are 30% less prone to depression.

Medication Monitors
Many seniors require several prescriptions, which makes keeping track of daily medications a challenge. It’s not uncommon for seniors to forget to take their medications, or accidentally double the dose. It is no wonder that 13% of hospital emergency admissions are due to medication mismanagement. Because it’s so important that all medications be taken at the correct dosage and time, medication monitors and automatic pill reminders can be lifesaving devices. Apps such as Health Espresso will remind seniors when they need to take their pills, track medications that have already been taken, automatically dispense pills at the correct time, and provide an alert when a medication hasn’t been taken. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature will help bridge gaps for linguistically challenged seniors and Alzheimer sufferers.

Advancements in sensors technology are drivining new products such as mattresses that measure sleep quality, floor pads that warn caregivers if a fall prone elderly is stepping off their bed, to a wide range of wear bales that monitor vitals real time and possibly prevent critical health events.

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As you can see, technology can be incredibly useful to seniors by helping to improve their quality of life. However, some seniors may need more assistance as they age to ensure they maintain their independence and wellbeing. In those cases, elder home health care can be helpful. An at-home caregiver can provide convenient at-home care to help seniors maintain their wellbeing and remain independent for as long as possible. iCare Home Health offers home health care in Mississauga, Burlington, and Oakville through scheduled visits and live-in care services. Our elder home health care workers are committed to treating seniors with care, respect, and dignity. Contact us to find out how iCare Home Health Care in Mississauga, Burlington, and Oakville can support your loved one.


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