Self-Care for Seniors

Self-Care for Seniors

International Self Care Day takes place on July 24th every year. It’s a good time to review the efforts you take to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health. For seniors, essential self care can be a struggle due to physical limitations, isolation, and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

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The International Self Care Foundation has established seven key elements of maintaining health and wellbeing:

Seven Pillars Of Good Health

1. Health literacy: Be aware of basic health issues and access accurate information so you can make good health decisions.

2. Self-awareness: Know the state of your health, such as your body mass index, cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure, etc. Get regular checkups and screenings.

3. Physical activity: Exercise your body regularly to maintain cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

4. Healthy diet: Eat a variety of nutritious foods and maintain a balanced diet. If you have a health condition, follow any dietary recommendations from your doctor.

5. Risk avoidance: Stay away from things that could damage your health. This includes not smoking, limiting alcohol, not taking medication regularly, avoiding excessive sun exposure without wearing sunscreen, etc.

6. Good hygiene: Practice good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly, brushing your teeth twice per day, and washing food before consuming it.

7. Responsible use of medicine and services: Listen to your doctor and take medication and undergo other medical services, as recommended. Discuss what medical options are available to you so you can make informed decisions. Be aware of the dangers of self-medication and treatments that aren’t doctor-recommended.

While practicing self care seems easy in theory, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when illness, injury, and/or personal issues arise and not provide yourself with the care you need. If you struggle with self-care, companion care or an at-home nurse from premier home care services can help you maintain or improve your health. Here are some simple ways to remember to practice self care everyday:

Achievable Goals: While it’s wonderful to make goals like exercising everyday, cutting out caffeine, and not eating meat, these goals might not be realistic for your lifestyle. Make small, achievable goals instead, like exercising 3 times per week, drinking only 2 cups of coffee per day, and incorporating more vegetables into your diet.

Mindfulness: Be aware of your actions, attitudes, and behaviours. Do you procrastinate when faced with certain tasks, like cleaning, errands, or making phone calls and appointments? You probably find that procrastinating just makes your stress and anxiety worse. Make a short checklist of things you need to get done each day and try to get most of the tasks completed in the morning. That way, you can rest easy the rest of the day knowing that everything you needed to do it done.

Companionship: Everything is easier when you have a friend to support you as you reach your physical and emotional wellness goals. Friendship and companionship are a necessary component of good health. If you feel isolated from friends and family, make a point to communicate with your loved ones by scheduling visits and phone calls. You can also join local community groups or recreational therapy programs for seniors to meet new people and socialize in a fun setting.

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